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STILL LIFE- spoon circle, concrete cast of a severed bulls head


( 2015

Dimensions variable

Metal spoons, concrete )


„...In the society of pseudo freedom, perfidious mechanisms of power establish internal order in a non-violent and almost imperceptible way. Their power is not repressive, but manipulative and seductive, so instead of limiting the freedom of society, they simply harness it for their own purposes and gradually absorb it.

In the work titled “The System, Still Life“ the author unites two works into a conceptual whole. Concrete cast of a young bull’s decapitated head is a powerful and almost shocking motif. Trace of bare life, frozen in cold concrete mass, crowned with a halo of metal spoons – a perfect symbol of cheap, disposable tool of capitalism, which we use to willingly stuff ourselves with anything they decide to serve us. We throw ourselves into that meat grinder, our life is our capital – the sacrifice we offer at the altar of lethargic everyday life hoping for catharsis. But there is no way out of the limbo. The vicious circle of capitalist reality, with its seductive glow of metal and plastic, lures us into the slavery of consumption and meaningless maintenance of precarious existence. We inevitably lose the inner struggle within ourselves. The moment we begin to exploit ourselves, the external oppressor disappears, the symbols of resistance become a commodity, and the possibility of revolution dies...“

-from the foreword of the exhibition “ Evolution of perception, part 1” / author Ana Bedenko

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