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Vitar Drinković (  Zagreb, Croatia )

Received his master's degree in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2008. During the course of his studies, he took a semester at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA.

In 2014, he completed his Master's degree in Animation and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, where he participated in student exchange at the London Metropolitan University, England.

Artist statement


For the past few years my work is about exploration and making of circumstances- conditions for a different perception of everyday life using interactive art apparatuses, sculptures - inventions and installations as mediators, “ filters” in communication between people.


Beginning  from the basic, simple, biological forms of communication-exchange that affect perception and deconstruct the way it is made- shaped through the information that we are surrounded by.


Fields of my interest and exploration are: everyday life, the connection between perception -information and biology, development and influence of information and technology on the development of human society and way of life, sustainability, the connection between art, science and economy.




List of professional artistic activity:





2018. Creart, Rouen, France

2018. Second home, Etno hvar festival, Magic Carpets, Humac, Hvar, Croatia

2014. Open air artist in residence, Pilsen, Czech Republic



Awards, commendations, grants


2019. Production grant from Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

           Production grant from the city of Zagreb

2017. Production grant from the city of Zagreb

2015. Production grant from the city of Zagreb

2012. Prize at INA d.d. and ALU, INA Energy competition

2007. One of the winners of the competition on the theme „Movement“ by the Agency for Commercial Activity( AKD)

2006. Academic council commendation for successful work in the academic year

           Recognition of Excellence inn Academic Achievement and Qualification for the Deans List,

           Indiana University of Pennsylvania- for academic semester Spring 2006

           Certificate of recognition: International achievement award

           Special rector of the Zagreb University award for the project  „ Jelsa-punta 2005“

2005. Grant of the University in Zagreb

           Academic council commendation for successful work in the academic year

2004. Government grant of the Ministry of science, education and sport



Solo exhibitions


2019. EP 2.1, Gallery MKC Split, Croatia

           Digitalni rendez-vous numérique ( with Nicolas Clauss ), French Cultural Institute,  Zagreb

           Feedback 1.2, Gallery Šira, Zagreb, Croatia

2018. Plant blindness, Gallery 90 60 90, Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, Croatia

           Feedback, Museum of Fine Arts, Split ( within the project „Katamaran art“ ), Croatia

           Feedback, Gallery Kravata, Jelsa, Hvar  ( within the project „Katamaran art“ ), Croatia

            Plant blindness, Grapčeva cave, Hvar ( within the project „Etno hvar festival: second home"                                                                         Dual exhibition: Living memory (with Julie Tocquille), Porte 10, Rouen, France

2017.  Evolution of perception 2.0, SC Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

            Experimenting the machine ( with Goran Škofić ), Gallery Vladimir Bužančić, Zagreb, Croatia

            Sale exhibition, Gallery laval Nugent, Zagreb, Croatia

2016.  Evolution of perception 1.3, Basement halls of the Diocletians palace, Split, Croatia

2015.  Evolution of perception, part 1, Gallery Karas, Zagreb, Croatia

            Evolution of perception 1.2, Gallery Atelieri Koprivnica, Koprivnica, Croatia

            Fear and wonder, Boonika, Zagreb, Croatia

            Ancient verticals ( with Vojin Hraste and Milena Lah), Gallery Sv Krševan, Šibenik, Croatia

2010.  TerminArtor, Gallery Nano, Zagreb, Croatia

            Structures of thought, Gallery Matica Hrvatska, Zagreb, Croatia

2009.  Architecture of the unconscious, Gallery Salon Galić, Split, Croatia

            Recapitulation of past events, Gallery Circle, Rijeka, Croatia

2008.  Fragments of a wax mind, Gallery Modulor, Zagreb, Croatia



Juried group exhibitions


2019. Extravagant bodies: Extravagant love, hall V Technical museum Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia

           Ganz nove Perforacije & Homesick festival, hall V Technical museum Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Cro

           Ganz nove Perforacije & Homesick festival, Koprivnica, Croatia

           Almissa Open Art Festival: Where are we going?,  fort Mirabella, Omiš, Croatia

2018. Nesvrstani, Lauba, Zagreb, Croatia

           34. Youth salon: Panoptikon, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia

           13th Triennial of Croatian Sculpture, Gliptoteka, Zagreb, Croatia

           Transient hole variations VII, Gallery Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb, Croatia

           58. Annale: Nature culture and other stories, Istrian Assembly Hall, Poreč, Croatia

           ZEZ festival: exhibition of sound #3, KSET, Zagreb, Croatia

2017. Mind and Body, Gallery Kazamat, Osijek, Croatia

           Tesla – mind from the future, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia

2016. The 51. Zagreb Salon, Gallery Bačva, Zagreb, Croatia

           Extravagant bodies ; crime and punishment, Pogon , Zagreb Croatia

           Device art 5. 016, Eastern Bloc, Montreal, Canada

           Ministry for experimental sound; Exhibition of sound #2, KSET, Croatia

           Design district festival, Zagreb, Croatia

           Networked encounters, Dalmaciavino factory, Jelsa, Croatia

           Black through the prism, Gallery Oris, Zagreb, Croatia

2015. 12th Triennial of Croatian Sculpture, Gliptoteka, Zagreb, Croatia

           Device art 5.015, Gallery Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb, Croatia

           Sound Art Incubator, Gallery Močvara, Zagreb, Croatia

2014. In the rhythm of touch, Gallery Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb, Croatia

           32. Youth salon, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia

           NE fest, points of view, Sofia, Bulgaria

           Touch me festival:  Time, Gallery Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb, Croatia

2013. NUS, international festival of contemporary art , MKC Split, Croatia

           Last one we had recently, Gallery Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb, Croatia

           Basement Gallery beneath Bank space, London, England

           Drava ART Biannual, Gallery Koprivnica, Koprivnica, Croatia

           LN 360, salon Laval Nugent, Zagreb , Croatia

2012. Ways of explainig artworks, gallery PM, Zagreb, Croatia

           INA Energy 2012, gallery ALU, Croatia

           Ostrale, Homegrown, Dresden, Germany

           11th Triennial of Croatian Sculpture, Gliptoteka, Zagreb, Croatia

           Neue kroatische kunst , Medika, Zagreb, Croatia

           Exhibition of recent works by members of HDLU, PM, Zagreb, Croatia

           Light-dark matter, MM center, Zagreb, Croatia

2011. Artfair 7, student center, Zagreb, Croatia

           Gallery Makek, Rab, Croatia

           Gallery Makek, Zagreb, Croatia

           Sculptors and wood, Dugo selo, Croatia

           Sculpture sympozium, Trajsdorf, Austria

2010. Huntenkunst, Doetinchem, Netherlands

           Galerie bij de Boeken, Ulft, Netherlands

           De Gruitpoort, Doetinchem, Netherlands

           The youth salon, Gallery Likum, Zagreb, Croatia

           Exhibition of recent works by member of HDLU, Gallery Bačva, Zagreb, Croatia

           Gorgona uber alles, Gallery Vladimir Buzancic, Zagreb, Croatia

2009. 10th Triennial of Croatian sculpture, Gliptoteka, Zagreb, Croatia

           Artfair 6, Students in space, Gallery Student center, Zagreb, Croatia



Presentations, public talks


2019. Start 19, MSU, Zagreb

2017. Beyond the surface- optical sound, Salon Izidor Kršnjavi, Zagreb

2016. Art in public space, Networked encounters,  Jelsa, Hvar, Croatia



Art workshops


2019. TRANSMISSIONS: working beyond sectors and media

            Communications & marketing workshop for artists, MSU, Zagreb

2017. leader of a workshop for school children with disabilities, SUVAG, Zagreb, Croatia

2016. assistant on the workshop Trails of light 2016., Bjelovar, Croatia

2013. Austerity, Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, Croatia

2012. leader of an art workshop organized by HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia

2011. International art colony Paradiso, Rab, Croatia

           All the art thats fit to show, Gallery Sc, Zagreb, Croatia

           Sculpture sympozium Trajsdorf, Austria

           11th meeting of artists, Dugo selo, Croatia

2007. Trails of light 2007, Bjelovar, Croatia

2006. Trails of light 2006, Bjelovar, Croatia

           Jelsa punta 2006, Jelsa, Hvar, Croatia

2005. Trails of light 2005, Bjelovar, Croatia

           Jelsa punta 2005, Jelsa, Hvar, Croatia

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