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( 2015-2017

Interactive sculpture

90 x 60 x 155 cm

Construction wood, iron, bed springs, steel bars, electro motor, selfie stick, camera- mobile phone tripod, neon lamp )


The selfie hug is an interactive mechanical (low tech) sculpture that is started off by a person hugging it and pressing it with their body- leaning on it and then pulling themselves closer to it with their hands.  The device responds to pressure by returning the hug and starting to vibrate. The user can put their mobile phone on the selfie-stick trypod, and the sculpture will take their selfie in the moment of the hug.

The person is “hugging themselves” and taking their selfie at the same time.

Selfie hug 2.jpg
Selfie hug 1.jpg
Selfie zagrljaj 2.jpg
Selfie hug 4.jpg
Selfie hug 7.jpg
Selfie hug 8.jpg
izbor 4.jpg
DSC04246 (1).JPG
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