( 2007,

interactive sculpture

23 x 12 x 15 cm

bronze )

In this process i dipped my hands in melted beeswax, then into cold water. I repeated this action until the layer of wax created a wax glove on my hands. In the end, the four gloves were connected into one form which was cast in bronze.

The concept of the work: Two persons, standing one in front of the other, can put their hands into the sculpture. In this way they are connected through the sculpture which is a mediator between them.


s f c 1 -2.jpg
s f c 1 1.jpg



( 2015.

Interactive sculpture

31 x 31 x 31 cm

concrete )


The work is a concrete cube which has hand shaped slots on four sides. Two to four persons can put their right hand into the sculpture. After a short time they discover they are touching with their forefingers, which happens as a surprise, specially if the persons using the work are strangers. A tactile contrast appears between the cold surface- structure of the concrete and the warmth of the human body. Concrete which in most cases separates us becomes a medium for communication. The work brings us into a circumstance that is both intimate and public, close and foreign, which in most cases leads to balancing the “uneasy” situation with laughter.

Reduced form and a simple gesture, derived to its essence. In a time when everything is more and more virtual, where we mostly touch objects and spend our time inside concrete cubes, a human touch becomes an interesting experience.

Skulptura za komunikaciju 4- Sculpture f