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Gallery 90-60-90 / Pogon Jedinstvo

Vitar Drinković: Plant blindness 2018

Plant blindness is a term coined in 1998 by James Wandersee and Elizabeth Schussler.
They define plant blindness as the inability to see and notice plants in their environment.
Although the human species is completely interdependent with the plant world, almost symbiotic, yet we, like the planet on which we live, take them for granted. Plants see, communicate, adapt, remember, breathe, move in a way that is different but also basically very similar to ours.

The interactive installation serves as a mediator in human-plant communication. The plant is connected by sensors to Arduino and RGB reflectors that detect micro changes in the electrical potential of the plant that manage to completely change the atmosphere of the Pogon Jedinstvo space.


The Plant blindness exhibition is part of the Gallery's exhibition series 90-60-90 in 2018 on the topic of Silence.

blueprint ficus.jpg
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