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Through the following works I started exploring interactivity and perception. They deconstruct everyday perception and movement in space. ( 2013. during MA studies )


Optics 1


( Mirrors, spy looking glass, wax, acrystal )


Interactive sculpture which one looks through and tries to orient oneself in space.  A constructed system of mirrors gives the left and right eye a possibility to see different reflections of the surrounding world.

The right eye looks into a little box made of mirrors with only one small hole directly in front of the eye. The light enters through this hole and is multiplied through mirror reflection.

The left eye looks into a box which is open on one side, and perceives the room at an angle and fractures the view into fragments.

Vitar Drinkovic, fragmented perspective
Vitar Drinkovic, fragmented perspective
Vitar Drinkovic, fragmented perspective

Optics 2


( Mirrors, spy looking glass, duct tape, acrystal, bike flash lights, 2 balls )


Interactive sculpture-apparatus which a person looks into, and with the movement of the body moves the little balls inside in a circular motion. The balls are different sizes. The two boxes where the balls reside , are made of mirrors , what creates an infinity reflection. The light source of light for the left box is from the top, the bike flashing light shines with a red light. The intensity of the flashes can be adjusted by pressing a little button several times. On the right side the light source is on the bottom, and the light can be adjusted independently from the left side.

optics 2.jpg

Optics 3, FOCUS


( mirrors, duct tape, hearing aid-sound amplifier )


The work consists of 4 mirrors of trapezoid shape which form a truncated pyramid, and the mirrors reside inside the pyramid. There is also a sound amplification device with head phones mounted on the outside of the work. A person put the headphones on and inserts their face into the work. On the inside the person sees their portrait from all directions, and looks out into the space through the smaller opening of the truncated pyramid. The sound amplification device creates a strange feeling of the environment as the person walks around the space while “wearing” the work.

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