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( 2019

Interactive installation,

2 Raspberry pi, 2 Raspberry pi cameras,

2 monitors, wooden construction, wi fi,

dimensions variable )



An interactive installation designed for the shop window of Gallery Šira within the solo exhibition "Feedback 1.2".

The wooden structure set in the window with two raspberry pi cameras "scans" the gallery space and street space every two seconds . The images are analyzed and the artificial intelligence first recognizes the faces of the passers-by and the visitors of the gallery and then based on the facial expression decides which emotion is dominant at that moment. The following emotions are scanned: anger, sadness, fear, intuition, happiness, and neutral. The installation shows emotions as emoji statistics on two monitors, one facing the gallery, while the other is facing the street. The screen shows information on the quantity of certain emojis, which is the total emoji ratio, the total time of the "scan", and a part of the screen is set as a direct display that places the emoji on the faces of the people scanned, so that direct interaction with the installation is possible.

The initial idea behind the work was to create a "street scanner" that would show street passerspace statistics and was directly inspired by the gallery's showcase.

Using Emojis, a certain banalization of emotions and communication in today's society is emphasized.



Technical associate (programming) : Igor Brkić


Support recieved from : City of Zagreb



emoji 1.jpg
emoji skener 2.JPG
9 sira.jpg
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