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( 2017

Interactive installation

111 x  45 x  40 cm

Aluminium, wood, plexiglass, 3d printed finger clamp, 3d printed belt with sensor, Arduino microcontroller, RGB reflector, neon lamp, tablet computer )


Interactive installation which helps the user become more conscious of his/hers biological processes.

It consists of a belt which is put around the users waist in the naval area and a clip which is placed on two fingers. The belt registers the expansion and contraction of the belly which occurs with deep breathing from the abdomen, and shows these changes as modulations in intensity of the light from the RGB LED reflector above the work. The user controls the light with his/hers breathing. The clip registers small changes in skin conductivity (wetness) in the fingers which shows itself in the changes of the colour of the light from blue to red. The colours are “colder” the more relaxed the person gets, while with excitement they turn to red.

Our breathing and circumstances affect our body chemistry, processes and perception of reality. The work shows us how our body reacts to our environment, out thoughts and communication on an unconscious physical level, and shows how our breathing impacts our physical and psychological processes and states.

Technical coworker: Igor Brkić

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