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( 2016.

Interactive construction- sculpture

230 x 155 x 65 cm

osb wood, speaker, analog sound components, DIY contact electronic stethoscope, DIY skin conductivity sensor, RGB LED lamps )

AUTODETECTOR is an interactive construction- sculpture which functions as a modified lie detector. It consists of several parts:

- A wooden construction which a person lays down on.

- A DIY contact stethoscope which is connected to a large car- bass speaker which is mounted on the inside of the wooden construction just beneath the person.

- A sensor for skin conductivity in the form of a clamp which a person puts on two fingers; the sensor is connected to an arduino and to RGB LED lights that change color depending on the changes in skin conductivity, perspiration of the fingers.

-  The RGB LED lamps are positioned above the persons head, and beneath them is a mirror so the person sees their reflection while laying down. The person takes the stethoscope which is positioned on their right side, presses it on their heart area over their clothes and pushes the button located on it. Their heartbeat is heard loudly in the room followed by the vibration of the wooden construction in the rhythm. RGB LED lamps pulsate, react to the sound signal.

The user of the work is instructed to relax first, and then to start thinking or speaking things for which he/she wants to see if are true. The polygraph doesn't actually tell us if we are lying or not but merely shows us the changes that occur in our body ; how it reacts to what we see or what we imagine. The reaction of the body is unconscious, instinctive, faster than our conscious mind which always filters what it perceives, therefore more “honest“. Through certain patterns of reactions to questions, through time it can be concluded- decided to a certain extent if a person is lying or not. The person must, based on their reactions, discover and judge how honest they are with themselves.

autodetektor 2.jpg
autodetektor 3.jpg
autodetektor 1.jpg
autodetektor 4.jpg
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